We are providing constructions, reconstructions and repairs of substations and another HV facilities including building errections. Between our main activities belongs:

  • supplies and assembly of devices
  • installations of cable networks LV and HV
  • installation of busbar systems LV
  • installation and laying of fiber optic networks (Single-mode and Multi-mode) in all common fibers
  • measurement and diagnostics of optic fibre traces using methods OTDR, including control of connectors purity
  • installation of control systems and protection systems in all commonly used voltage levels LV, HV, UHV in industry, power plants, heating plants and substations
  • realization of buildings
  • realization of fire-stop partitions or fire-resistant cable coatings - certification on systems HILTI a INTUMEX


Constructions, reconstructions and repairs we make including the buildings parts. To ensure high quality of our projects, we have created professional technological procedures, which includes system of interoperational controls.

For realization of assembly works in voltage levels HV and UHV we own all the neccessary authorizations, certifications, tools and devices.


Tests, revisions and comissionings of devices up to 400 kV:


All the activities in the process of comissioning are being made by team of educated professionals. For testing are used the most modern devices like OMICRON CMC 353, used for secondary tests of protection relays, devices GEP 10 and SV11 for measurement of contact voltage and measurement devices TM 1800, MJÖLNER 600, SF6 Breaker Analyser and others for diagnostics, comissioning and revision of switches LV, HV and UHV.