Supply, assembly and installation of devices from company ALSTOM Grid

Supply, assembly, tests and comissioning of energetical protection relays of type Alstom MiCOM, product lines Px4x, Px6x and P40 Agile compact.

Compact supply includes suggesting the proper protection type, suggestion of suitable protecting functions, count of necessary function settings (based on parameters of device being protected), installation, programming relay and communications, connection pipe for SCADA control system, secondary and primary testing, revision and comissioning.

To perform programming of our MiCOM relays we use professional software MiCOM S1 Agile in close cooperation woth Alstom R&D center. For comunication configuration, creation of own separate control system or connection to already used control system we use system DS Agile.

Relay types supplied:

Special devices:

  • C264 - RTU unit for on-display control and management, communication gateway, blocking systems [brochure]
  • T1000 - Industrial ethernet switches (Opto / RJ45) with prioritizing of GOOSE signals (standard IEC 61850) [brochure]
  • RT434 - Source of accurate GPS time with integrated NTP / PTP server [brochure]
  • DIP5000 - Communication unit for transmitting signal used mostly between distance protections (both-end's tripping) and relay states using optic fibre interface located in overhead lines [brochure]
  • DXC Multiplex - Multiplexing unit for n-devices communication using optic fibre interface located in overhead lines [brochure]


Structured cable measurement

We are providing measurement of structured communication UTP cables in distributed networks. We measure UTP cables of categories CAT5, CAT6 and the most modern CAT7.

To perform our measurement we use sophisticated device Megger SCT-2000. The output of measurement is printed protocol. Protocll can be also provided in PDF format electronically.

Using measurement customer can find important parameters of the measured cable, such as proper wiring, continuity, losses on both ends etc. Measurement is physically done by sending electromagnetic wave into the cable and in the result is evaluated from both waves (frontal and return).

Device can choose special limits for all the parameters, based on a picked standard. Also these limits can be set individually.